Friday Freebie #3

Anybody else find that very first lesson a bit tough? You know that the basics are essential but year after year find yourself drawing smiley and sad faces on the board and feel that your first lesson a basically a bit of a flop? And nobody wants that. So it was out with the smiley faces, in with a cool interactive quiz. a PowerPoint; a follow me card game and a learning mat. Better, much better.

It’s Friday and it’s the first week back so here’s a whole bundle of first lesson freebies. Spread the word. And maybe subscribe?!

Interactive Quiz




Learning Mat




Follow Me Cards


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Happy first lessons


5 thoughts on “Friday Freebie #3”

  1. I hate the first lessons… Endless speeches about rules and expectations, by the 12th time I’m very half-hearted! I try to get that and exercise books done in the first half of the lesson and then just launch into a mini-lesson on the first topic. Dull, but it works for me.

      1. I hear you- I have just had a day of exactly that. Draining. Oh well, at least their books may stay pristine- dates in French, titles underlined etc. for a few weeks. Who am I kidding?! X

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