Things I love: baked camembert; spring daffodils; second-hand French dictionaries; faux cils mascara; gran reserva rioja… oh and my husband. My children are pretty wonderful too; I especially love them when I am tucking them into bed at night and reading them a bedtime story with cuddles and kisses galore.

Those are my life loves. My work loves include: freshly sharpened HB pencils; an IWB with all 4 pens still intact; empty classrooms and… the last book of the pile- we all experience that little internal squeal of delight and relief as you throw down the last book of the pile in triumph and discard your green pen!

My new-found obsession is creating French resources for other teachers. I mean, I could do this ALL DAY LONG. Sure, I have been creating for 10 years- for myself, for my department. But last summer I started sharing and selling on tes.com and tpt.com and the obsession has spiralled out of control. I dream about clip art. I think in PowerPoint. And the notes section of my iPhone is a garbled mess of middle-of-the-night inspiration.

I bring you practical solutions and engaging creations. A true mix of the essential resources (PowerPoints, learning mats, worksheets) and inspired gems such as board games, interactive quizzes and videos.

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Betsy Belle